Christmas 2007 Makeup Look - Part 2

The last post on Christmas 2007 Makeup Look features makeup styles for holiday occasions. Today's Christmas 2007 Makeup Look - Part 2 is going to wrap up with another four holiday makeup styles.

Natural Looking:

Dior: The Dior Light Collection 2007 features a fresh and velvety complexion. There are no excessive colors on face. The makeup is mainly focused on saturated and curvier lips. Eyes are gilded with metallic bronze colors. Face is simple and bright. The Dior Light Collection's smooth and flawless look is suitable for natural beauties.
  • Apply eyeliner along upper lashline
  • Layer the combination of pale and metallic bronze shades on eyes
  • Highlight the coppery metal eyes with a touch of pastel light shade
  • Use light face powder to enhance and highlight the face as the final touch
Sophisticated Elegant:

Shu Uemura: The makeup look of The Muse Holiday collection 2007 is dewy and soft. The Muse Collection applies a lot of darker shades like chocolate and golden bronze. It doesn't look dull because the golden shades soften and create a vibrant and subtle complexion. I really like it radiates with elegance and sophistication.
  • Apply a soft and thin layer of eye liner on upper lashline and lower lashline
  • Brush the golden warm shades on eyes
  • Sweep the shade in gold beige on cheeks
  • Use the shade of chocolate brown on lips
Warm Smoky:

Smashbox: From the Beyond Beauty Holiday 2007 Collection

  • Brush the copper eye color from lashline to brow
  • Sweep the champagne shade again from lashline to brow
  • Apply the copper shadow in the crease and extend color up and toward the brow bone
  • Line the inner lash line of lower lid in pearly white
  • Brush the bronze shadow on lower lashline
  • Brighten the inner corner of eyes with a touch of champagne shade
  • Use light pearl and shimmery chanpagne on cheeks
  • Keep lips light in nude shade
Drastic Smoky:

Maquillage: The Maquillage Winter Collection 2007 features strong smoky eyes.
  • Smudge a line along upper lash line to the end
  • Apply the silver shade from lashline above the crease.
  • Brush the blackest black on eyes and extend up toward the outer corner of eyes
  • Apply dark shadows on lower lasheline toward the outer corner of eyes
  • Brighten the inner corner of eyes with silver and white shadow.
  • Keep lips in nude beige shades.

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