Christmas 2007 Makeup Look

December is the year end holiday season. You are probably still planning on how to dress up for your family party, school party or company party. Let's take a glance at the current holiday makeup looks for holiday 2007. Today, I am featuring themes of "Old Hollywood Glamour" and "Innocent Sweet". You and I probably can gain inspirations for the ultimately glamorous look to rock at the holiday party. More holiday makeup themes from western and Asian brands to come next on a separate post.

Sophisticated Old Hollywood Glamour:

"The Black Gem Collection 2007" defines the holiday makeup an old Hollywood style. Following are steps to create such look:
  • Use black eyeliner to define drastic and powerful eyes
  • Apply eye shadows in Sparkling Sand & Satin Purple to soften the black lash line and blend the colors up above the crease
  • Highlight the inner corner of eyes by adding a touch of shimmer
  • Choose Sparkling Red (with subtle silver shimmer) to give the lips a luscious shiny finish
  • Cheeks are applied pink silky powder from the Black Gem Palette light
  • Eyebrows keep muted and soft

"Into the Night Gold Holiday 2007" features golden ruby lips and soft eye shades. These are steps to create such look:
  • Apply Estée Lauder Signature Shimmer Powder in Rose Pearl on cheeks
  • Highlight the inner corner of eyes in Golden Peach
  • Stong and full eye brows
  • Blend Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Citrine from lash line to brow
  • Use the lighter bronze shade over brow bone
  • Apply Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Gold Ruby on lips
Innocent & Sweet:

Bobbi Brown
"The Pink Quartz Collection" features shimmering soft golden pinks. These are a few steps to create this look:
  • Sweep Pale Pink Blush on cheeks, then highlight the Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick (comprised of five different shades of pink, rose, beige and gold ) on cheekbones
  • Apply the classic black ink gel eyeliner along upper lashline
  • Blend the cream eye shadow in Ballet Pink to keep eyes simple
  • Use glitter lip gloss in Pink Quartz on the lips for a luscious and shiny look

"The Christmas Collection 2007" plays colors with subtle shimmering silvers, warm bronzes and refined twinkling pinks.
  • Eyes and lips are created with light shades in pinks for an innocent and young look
  • Eyebrows are full and angled
  • Give a touch of blusher in soft pink on the cheeks
  • The whole makeup theme is about iridescent light and a satiny glow


nilla cookie said...

I love, LOVE the Chanel collection!

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Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, Lilan,

I love it too. In fact, the holiday makeup look is kind of cute yet feminine. Pinks from eyes, lips to cheeks. But it doesn't look overwhelming to me.

Thanks a lot for tagging my site. I really appreciate it. And thanks a lot for stopping by!!