Halloween dress-up ideas!

Many of you are probably going to a Halloween party next weekend. Me too! I have been thinking very hard for my Halloween dress-up and prep-up next weekend. My choice of costume is still pending. However, here are some thoughts I have been running for accessorizing and accenting my costume.

(Detail shot of Christian Dior fall 2007 ready-to-wear from: http://www.style.com/)

1. Reverse French manicure
Pass the hot pink and true red nail colors! Bold and deep shades would be better nail choices for the Halloween party. I am thinking to have my nails done a reverse French manicure this time. Not only it is edgy enough for the spooky theme of Halloween party, it is also a hot nail trend in the fall. We have seen OPI, Dior fall runway 2007, and Hollywood celebrities showing the reverse French manicure in rich and deep colors. Either you can stick with the classy black-and-white, or you can play with colors. A pair of contrast shades (yellow Vs purple, red Vs. green) definitely can create a little drama at the party night.

2. MAC Halloween
If you plan to accent your scary look by makeup, the MAC Halloween offers ideas you can pick up. You may check out more makeup details for different looks at the MAC website.

(Photo of John Galliano fall 2007 ready-to-wear from: http://www.style.com/)

3. Colorful stockings
No matter how you would like to dress up as, colorful stockings highlight the look in the dark. It is also a big accessory in fall 2007. Unlike the costume you buy might go to ebay for re-sale immediately after the party, colorful stockings can be practically worn more ways than one this season.

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