Jill Stuart Christmas Rose collection 2007

Jill Stuart is going to launch its Christmas Rose collection 2007 on November 10 in Japan. I am drooling by just looking at the pictures! Jill Stuart always comes up with quality cosmetics in beautiful packaging. Their packaging is constantly designed with diamond-shape, bejeweled box, crystal and pink color which I find romantic and feminine. I love the effort of this company to produce good quality products with elegant and princessy packaging. It brings me the pretty and the luxurious excitement everytime I use it! Unfortunately, Jill Stuart is currently only available in Japan. For Jill Stuart lovers who live outside of Japan, shopping online is probably the only way at this point. Many thanks to A Touch of Blusher article on Newsflash! Possible Jill Stuart Cosmetics Launch in the US ! I am looking forward to the launch of Jill Stuart in the US.

The limited-edition set for this Christmas collection includes:
  1. Brilliance eyes rose box: lined up with four eye shadows.
  2. Shimmer tint face color #100 rose glow
  3. Lip gloss #102 rose gleam
  4. Nail care oil: to provide moisture for damaged cuticles and hydrates the cuticles and nails
  5. Satin pouch
  6. Fragrance choker: to keep your favorite scent!

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