Lunasol Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Lunasol will release its fall 2010 makeup collection on August 20th in Japan. The theme of this collection is "Aurora Purification," and it focuses on light-reflecting and shimmering effects.

There will be a new range of five-color eyeshadow palettes called Aurorize Eyes, which will be the brand's second 5-color eyeshadow range after the popular Geminate Eyes series was launched in fall 2007.

The collection includes:

Aurorize Eyes: 5 variations

Gel Eyeliner: 6 shades

Full Glamour Lips S: 10 new shades
Coloring Cheeks: 2 new variations

Aurorize Nuance Eyes: 3 shades (limited editions)
Full Glamour Gloss N: 3 new shades (limited editions)
Nail Finish: 3 new shades (limited editions)

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