Toff & Loadstone Collection Kit

Toff & Loadstone Collection Kit

Lunasol has teamed up with Toff & Loadstone, a Japanese bag & leather accessory brand, to release Toff & Loadstone Collection Kit (¥10,500) on June 11th in Japan.

The makeup kit will be exclusive to four department stores in Japan; Isetan Shinjuku, Seibu Ikebukuro, Takashimaya Yokohama, and Hankyu's Umeda flagship department store in Osaka.

The collection kit includes:
  • Toff & Loadstone Collection Eyes EX01 (Sheer Gold Collection)
  • Noble Shade Liner EX02 (Gold Brown)
  • Full Glamour Gloss N EX14 (Sheer Beige)
  • Full Glamour Lips G EX03 (Neutral Beige)
  • Original Pouch

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