Marc Jacobs New "Bang" Fragrance for Men

Marc Jacobs New "Bang" Fragrance for Men
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Marc Jacobs's new fragrance for men, Bang, will be released in September 2010. This time, fashion designer Marc Jacobs personally poses naked in the ad campaign for Bang. This is the first time that he poses nude in his own advertising.

We have seen similar racy fragrance ads like Yves Saint Laurent M7 (2002), Tom Ford for Men (2007) and Calvin Klein Secret Obsession
(2008). Nudity has become a very popular theme in fragrance advertisings. Fragrance brands flock to idea of how nudity can convey the message that scents are personal and romantic just like Marilyn Monroe once quoted "What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course."

While the ad campaign for Bang can be perceived as sexy, fun, smart or provocative from artistic and marketing perspectives, I personally think it lacks creativity and originality. Am I the only one that has higher expectations for Marc Jacobs?

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Steph said...

At the bottom it says Marc Jacobs photographed by... Is that actually Marc Jacobs?

The ad doesn't do anything for me. It brings to mind a space blanket or a foil grilling pouch.

It doesn't make me want to rush out to get it for my hubby.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

Yes, Marc Jacobs personally appears in the ad campaigns for Bang. :)