Provocative Ad: Tom Ford For Men

A couple days ago, I saw the latest ad campaign of the first fragrance for men from Tom Ford on his website. I am disappointed and disturbed by the latest effort from Tom Ford that showing off his infamous shocking and provoking porno-chic element; a bottle of Tom Ford fragrance wedged between full breasts, hold between thighs and genitalia area of a woman. I can't see how this ad can define classy and high fashion.

The original ad images for this fragrance were Tom Ford himself posing and were shot by Marilyn Minter. But then they switched to that bold and provocative images shot by photographer Terry Richardson. Tom Ford's spokeswoman explained they decided to take an edgier and more graphic approach to convey the mood of the fragrance (hmm....fragrances and vagina?). Whether you like it or not, there is no doubt that its pornographic imagery can definitely sell! The commercial seems to gain more and more attention because of the racy ad images! Personally, I am getting tired of the exploitation of women body in the fragrance market. I am expecting a refreshing and creative change!

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