Paul & Joe Summer 2010 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe's summer 2010 makeup collection will be available in two parts. Part 1 is due on May 1st in Japan, and Part 2 will be released on June 4th in Japan.

The items in Part 1 include:

Finishing Powder: 2 variations (limited editions)

Lipstick S: 3 new shades (limited editions)

Lip Pencil Duo: 5 variations

Lip Gloss G: 10 shades

The items in Part 2 include:

Shimmering Body Lotion (limited edition) & Blotting Paper 2010 (limited edition)

Emery Board 2010 (limited edition)

Also, there will be 3 limited-edition shades of Nail Enamel in the second part of Paul & Joe's summer '10 makeup collection. Do Head over to The Beauty Look Book for close-up images of this collection!

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