Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer in #03 Creme

Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer in #03 Creme

As you might already know, I am a big fan of Paul & Joe's products. Recently, I have been using their Moisturizing Foundation Primer that I bought a month ago. I have tested it in the drier fall weather in the States and the warm, humid climate in Taiwan. This is my review on Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer in #03 Creme.

The Moisturizing Foundation Primer is part of Paul & Joe's new base makeup collection released this fall. This collection also includes Creamy Powder Compact Foundation. The previous versions of Foundation Primer and Creamy Powder Foundation are already discontinued. As far as I know, the main differences lie in the moisture level and shimmer degree. The new versions focus on a more hydrated formula, and more shimmer in various tones.

This primer is available in three shades: #01 Dragee (in pink tone), #02 Miel (in orange tone), and #03 Creme (transparent). All the shades features SPF 12 PA++ except #03. They are incorporated with Paul & Joe's proprietary Secret D’Or, "nine colored gold powder", which features select subtle gold shimmer in various tones from pink, blue, green,...etc to deliver a champagne gold shimmer that is flattering to all skin tones.

The shade I have is #03 Creme. Without any form of powder, it is a warm creamy white shade with various subtle gold shimmer. The color transforms into a clear shade as I spread it over. The shimmer is so refined that it is hard to notice once it is applied on my face.

Fragrance & Texture
The primer is scented with a fresh floral note. It has a light, soft, and moist texture. The conistency is between liquidy and creamy, but not runny. It spreads easily on my face and is absorbed into the skin very quickly. No sticky or filmy residue left behind.

Moisturization Ability
#03 Creme works like a moisturizing treatment. It leaves my face soft, hydrated and moisturized. It lasts all day long.

I am very impressed with its moisturizing ability. This primer pre-moisturizes my dry skin so well that it makes the foundation, loose powder or pressed powder adhere to my skin nicely and last longer. In other words, it helps to achieve an even application of foundation or setting powder, and a flawless finish.

In a drier climate, like the fall in the eastcoast of the US, it delivers a hydrated, radiant finish and a natural-looking sheen from the skin within. However, it can look too shiny as my T-zone tends to get oily in warm and humid weather. For those who has combination to oily skin or oily skin, I would suggest to blot off the excessive shine before applying the liquid foundation or finish the face with powder foundation/loose powder/pressed powder.

Since #03 Creme is a clear transparent shade, it does not cover the imperfections like dark circles, fine lines, freckles, and pimples on my face. It does even my skin tone and makes the pores on my cheeks appear slightly invisible. I think the nine colored gold shimmer particles in the Moisturizing Foundation Primer can reflect the light nicely to provide brightness and luminosity to my face.

I have used it for a month. I have yet to experience any breakouts so far. Noting that the Moisturizing Foundation Primer does not come with sun protection, I use it more of as a moisturizing treatment. I have a dry and sensitive skin. This primer does a good job moisturizing and further conditioning my skin for a smooth, flawless application of foundation or face powder afterwards.

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dedemetal said...

Hello: my name is deirdre and I am with lucky magazine. trying to contact you- shot me an email:

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi deirdre,

Thank you very much for visiting!



Anonymous said...


I bumped into your blog from one forum and I've been reading your blog for a few days....As u mentioned that this foundation primer is hydrating, do you think it is suitable for combination/oily skin? I wish to buy this but after reading your review, I'm a bit hesitant to buy. I'm afraid it would make my skin oilier.


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Grace,

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I hope you have been enjoying reading it.

I have dry skin on the surface and my T-zone is oily beneath. In the US East Coast where the weather is dry from October to May, my skin can get very dry and the T-zone is way less oily during this period time. This foundation primer is able to moisturize my skin, and makes my foundation adhere to my skin well, and last longer.

I am currently on vacation in Taiwan. Even though it is fall now, the weather is still warm and humid. My T-zone usually gets more oily in the warm weather. But it is still dry on the cheeks. What I really like about this foundation moisturizer is it preovides hydration and moisture to my face, and keeps my skin look great all day.

The shade I use, #03 Creme, is transparent clear with subtle fine shimmer. #03 Creme is supposed to achieves luminous, hydrated skin. However, it can look too shiny as my T-zone tends to get oily in the warm weather. The foundation (powder foundation or matte liquid foundation) or matte pressed powder I apply afterwards can matte out the shine for a flawless finish.

If you have combination/oily skin, I would recommend you to try #01 Dragee (in pink tone) or #02 Miel (in orange tone). Unlike #03 Creme, these two actually contain powder components. I tried both of them at the Paul & Joe counter. I found they were quite moisturizing and the powder components in them helped to even the skin tone.

Do try and compare the textures of the three shades in person if the Paul & Joe counter is available in your area. I hope my information helps you. Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions. Do let me know how you try the Moisturizing Foundation Primer.

Have a great weekend!



JT said...

Hi, do u know the difference between this and Protective Foundation Primer?
Do they still have both? I just bought this in Dragee but the sales girl didnt tell me anything about the Protection Foundation Primer so wonder if its discontinued..