YSL Spring 2010 Makeup Collection

Left: YSL Y-Mail Tote Right: YSL Y-Mail Clutch
[Photo credit: nitro:licious ]

YSL spring 2010 makeup collection will be released on January 15th in Japan. The star items, Palette Y Mail Highlighter and Palette Y Mail Blush, are inspired by YSL Y-Mail series, which includes handbags, totes, clutches, wallets, purses, purse charms, and etc.

The cases of the highlighter and blush palettes are designed to resemble an envelope with a postage stamp, a postmark as the YSL logo and the address of YSL boutique address in Paris.

The collection includes:

Palette Y Mail Highlighter (limited edition)

Palette Y Mail Blush (limited edition)

Ombres 5 Lumières: 1 new variation

Ombres Duolumières: 2 new variations

Rouge Volupté: 2 new shades

Gloss Volupté: 2 new shades

Golden Gloss: 1 new shade

Touche Blush: 1 new shade

La Laque: 2 new shades

[Photo credit: www.cosme.net]

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