Heads up: Maquillage Face Creator 3D

Refill for Face Creator 3D #22(Left), Case(Center), Sample Pack of Moisture Rouge(Right)

Maquillage Face Creator 3D that I ordered arrived last week. The package also came with a free sample pack with three Moisture Rouge (Sheer Type) lipsticks and three Moisture Rouge (Color On Type) lipsticks in sample size (0.18g).

By the way, Face Creator 3D, Moisture Rouge (Sheer Type) and Moisture Rouge(Color On Type) belong to Maquillage's spring 2009 makeup collection. Face Creator 3D features five shades for highlighting, shading and contouring the face. It is available in #11 Nuance Red, #22 Nuance Beige, #33 Nuance Coral and #44 Nuance Pink. All of them look pretty and fresh. I took a long time deciding which to get, and ended up buying #22 Nuance Beige.

I always like this kind of face palettes with coordinating highlight, blush and contour shades. The gradation of colors help achieve a subtle glow and dimensional look on my face. Plus, it is easy to take along in my makeup bag for a quick touch-up when I go out.

I just got started trying out Face Creator 3D and Moisture Rouge lipsticks. The reviews will be posted up later. Stay Tuned. :)


smilecusiluvu said...

wow cool cant wait to see you post a look with that where did u order it from and how much was it?

birkinbagbeauty said...

I am really a fan of Maquillage's face creator now. I have it in 33, but I love the look of your 22 as well. Gorgeous haul!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Smilecusiluvu,

Thank you for stopping by! I bought it from Gooddealer (www.gooddealer.com).

The case and refill for Face Creator 3D are sold separately. But Gooddealer does not offer the option to buy them separately.

Maquillage Face Creator 3D as a whole retails for 4200 Yen, which is about $45-$47 USD now.

Gooddealer charged about $41 for this item and about $8 for handling and shipping fees. (I live in US.) The total was about $49 USD. I think it was a very good deal! :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Birkinbagbeauty,

Thank you for your comment!

My interest in Maquillage has been growing! I have been really intrigued by the eyeshadow palettes and face palettes from its spring '09 collection. They look so pretty.

Thank you for posting the review on #33! It is a beautiful palette. I am thinking of buying this one too:)