Lavshuca Website Updated

Promo Image of Lavshuca Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Lavshuca's website has been updated with its spring 2009 makeup collection. In fact, the official website has also been revamped, which offers more user-f
riendly navigation and easy access to product information. This is good news since the previous Lavshuca's website was not so well designed.

Full Line of Lavshuca Products

The information provided on the current website includes clear product images, product information and step-by-step instructions. Their website even features swatches of the new Grade Color Eyes palettes and Dramatic Memory Rouge lipsticks from the spring 2009 collection.

Lavshuca Lip Collection

For those of you confused by the differences among Lavshuca's lip collection, the website now features a chart indicating the levels of pigment, luminosity, glossiness and matteness of each lip item. You may find the lip product chart by clicking the "Lav Lip Collection" section on the main page of Lavshuca's website.

Dramatic Drastic Memory Lipsticks from Lavshuca Spring 2009 Collection

I was browsing the website back and forth yesterday morning. The colors of Dramatic Drastic Memory lipsticks from the spring collection look promising! I probably would get the beige-toned BE-2 or oranged-toned OR-1 later.


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