Integrate Holiday 2008 Makeup Palette

Integrate Holiday 2008 Makeup Palette in Gold/Orange Variation

I bought a Shiseido's Integrate holiday 2008 makeup palette when I was in Taipei last month. This limited-edition makeup palette is available in silver/pink and gold/orange variations. The one I have is in gold/orange variation.

Integrate Holiday 2008 Makeup Palette in Gold/Orange Variation

This makeup palette comes with a hexagon-shaped case. The lid is adorned with silver and gold snowflake prints that reflect the light from different angles. The case is quite thin and very lightweight, which makes it easy to place it inside my clutch.

The lip colors in the palette run out fast as they come in relatively small size. The biggest drawback of this makeup palette is that the bristles of the lip brush fall off easily, which bothers me when I use it.
Integrate Holiday 2008 Makeup Palette in Gold/Orange Variation

Color, Pigmentation
& Finish
All the shades contain multi-colored shimmer.

-Glitter Shade
The glittery shade on the top is a highlighter for the eyes and cheeks. It has a creamy texture, but I found it is not as smooth as I expected, yet slightly stiff to pick up the color with fingers. On the other hand, the good thing is it prevents me from getting too much glitters.

It goes on way less glittering and chunky than what it looks like in the pan, and imparts a silver shimmery finish. I prefer to dab this glitter shade over other of my powder eyeshadows as a final touch to create a glittering shimmer effect. I personally think it looks better on top of eyeshadows than worn alone.

Integrate Holiday 2008 Makeup Palette in Gold/Orange Variation

-Lip Colors

The two lip glosses are light-pigmented with intense shimmering particles. The texture is somewhat sticky. The sheer peachy shade (on the bottom right) features subtle micro-fine shimmer, while the off-white shade (with a hint of champagne gold) features glittering shimmer.

The sheer peachy shade is slightly more pigmented than the off-white shade. But since these two lip colors contain intense shimmer, it is quite difficult to notice the difference on the lips as both of them deliver a sheer, glossy, and shimmery finish. My lips are left noticeable shimmering particles as the off-white shade wears off.

Staying Power
All the shades have decent lasting power.

The overall colors of Integrate's holiday 2008 makeup palette are very sheer with intense shimmer. I expected that it had more pigment to create more definition and depth. This makeup palette works better for me as a highlighter to add shine and shimmer over other of my powder eyeshadow(s) and lipstick(s).

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Anonymous said...

looks very interesting. will you be doing a LOTD with it? love to see it on lips. :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Jojoba,

Thank you for stopping by!

I apologize that I don't normally do EOTD/LOTD for my blog. I feel more comfortable staying behing my blog. I am really sorry about that.

I certainly understand a color swatch communicates more clearly, and is helpful to the readers. I will try to figure out a way to take more color swatches in the future. :)

Happy New Year! :)

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm new to your blog but already LOVE reading your blog so much.

I had this Integrate Holiday 2008 Make-up, the pink version. My Japanese friend gave me as a present. I agree with you that it acts more as a glittery touchup for the lips and eye-shadows, that's what I did.

My fav still goes to the "Sweet Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or Holiday 2008 Party Makeup Collection" - the eye shadows are awesome~!

Look forward to more great posts! =)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Alli,

Thank you so much for your love and support! I am so happy that you enjoy reading it. :)

I really like Coffret D'Or's holiday 2008 makeup palettes. I even bought both versions, Noble Dressy palette and Sweet Dressy palette.

I am with you. The eyeshadows are awesome. The colors are soft, beautiful and wearable. I would use these palettes all year round. :)

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us! :)