Majolica Majorca Trick On Eyeshadow Palette

Majolica Majorca Trick On Eyeshadow Palette in GR750

As you know Majolica Majorca is a drugstore brand under Shiseido Corporation. One of Majolica Majorca's popular releases is the Trick On eyeshadow palettes, which debuted in spring 2008. The Trick On eyeshadow palette consists of four eyeshadows: one highlighting shade, one shading color, one liner shade, and a "Trick On" shimmering powder.

The Trick On palettes have gained popularity and loyalty far greater than other Majolica Majorlica eyeshadow ranges, Majolook and Line impact, due to its consistency and lasting power.

The latest addition to the Trick On range are GR750 and BR751 that were introduced this fall. They are not limited editions, however. I bought this eyeshadow palette at a Watsons store in Taipei, Taiwan. When I shopped at the drugstores in Taipei, I noticed GR750 was either out of stock or in short supply. The sales lady at Watsons told me that GR750 has been more popular than BR751.

Majolica Majorca Trick On Eyeshadow Palette in GR750

Top Left: pale pinky beige with subtle pearly shimmer
Top Right: medium-toned khaki green with iridescent shimmer
Bottom Left: dark inky blue with fine shimmer
Bottom Right: ivory with micro-fine glitter

Honestly, I wasn't intrigued by GR750 when I first saw it on the websites. I was worried if khaki green and deep blue would coordinate with each other well. I really liked it after seeing the palette in person many times. With the combination of pinky beige, khaki green, dark blue and ivory, this palette has a unique and fresh take on colors.

The eyeshadows are soft and creamy in texture, and don't fall off easily.

All the shades are well-pigmented. The pale pinky beige and khaki green are medium-pigmented, while the dark inky blue and ivory are highly-pigmented. Among all, the ivory is the most pigmented.

The shimmering particles in this palette are very fine, subtle, and dense. They look much more shimmering or metallic in the pans than what they appear on my eyes.

The pale pinky beige and khaki green contain subtle shimmer. While the dark inky blue features fine, subdued shimmer, the ivory features intense micro-fine glitter. Overall, I am pleased that the shimmer in the eyeshadows (except the ivory shade) imparts a soft and muted feel.

What I really like about this eyeshadow palette is that it can create a subtle day look or a dramatic night look. The colors blend in very easily, and can be layered for intensity.

According to the instruction on the back of outer case, the pinky beige shade is to be used on the brow bones and the inner corner of eyes. The khaki green shade is for shading; the dark inky blue shade is for lining the eyes. The ivory shade adds a wash of color from the inner corner of eyes to the center of eyes.

However, I use the pale pinky beige as a base color to even the skin tone, and brighten up my eyes. The inky blue has a teal undertone. I was surprised to find out the khaki green and dark blue could coordinate to each other so well. When I layer the khaki green over the dark inky blue, it accentuates my eyes with a soft gradational effect.

Lasting Power
The lasting power is good. The color lasts all day with little creasing.

Packaging design is a strength of the Trick On eyeshadow palette. It comes in a see-through plastic case with gold ornaments. I am very impressed with the durabilty of this eyeshadow palette. It is one of the most sturdy and close fitting drugstore eyeshadow cases I have ever used. The lid is secured without falling down when it is in the open position.

Majolica Majorca Trick On Eyeshadow Palette in GR750

The Majorlica Majorca Trick On eyeshadow palette costs 1,575 Japan Yen (about USD$17 ). I bought it at TWD$360 (about USD$11) at the Watsons store in Taipei, Taiwan. The price is very affordable.

I am a big fan of blue eye colors. Recently, my interest in khaki green eyeshadows have been growing and growing. The key colors, dark inky blue and khaki green, in this palette deliver a delicate, muted look with an understated, dramatic feel. The colors work together beautifully. I look forward to seeing more eyeshadow palettes from the Trick On range.

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Anonymous said...

This eyeshadow palette is really adorable! Just wanna jump ahead and grab it, hehe...

It would be so great, if you would post a picture of your eyes with these colors on! I'm really curious about, how you apply them on your eyes. ;)

I for my part have monolid eyes with puffy lids... so applying eyeshadow always means a kind of challenge to me...

Hope to receive a reply! ;)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,

I am very sorry for my belated reply. How have you been?

I wonder if you have had a chance to try this eyeshadow palette. Do let me know how you try out this palette.

This eyeshadow palette offers a great color combination of light and deep shades. The deep blue and khaki green shades in this palette help sculpt my eyes, and give depth to my puffy lids especially in the morning.

I apologize that I prefer to stay behind the scene. I still feel more comfortable not to post pics of myself at this moment. I am so sorry about it.

Again, I am very sorry for my belated reply. Hope to hear from you again.



Natalie said...

I stumbled upon your blog some times ago, and have since bookmarked this page of your view on MM Trick On e/s. :)

I am not good at layering e/s, but would love to try GR750. I am wondering is that ivory shade correspond to the 'Trick on' shimmery? whereas the pink beige is kind of base? And, you mentioned the ivory is applied at inner eye? the lower eyelid?

It would be great if you could reply. I appreciate much! :)Thanks..

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Natalie,

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! :)

I am very sorry that my post wasn't really clear. I should have made a chart, which would be more helpful for you and other readers.

According to Majorlica Majorca's instruction:

* the pinky beige shade is to be used as a highlighting shade on the brow bones and the inner corner of eyes in the shape of a "C"

* the khaki green shade is to be used from lashlines upward above the creases

* the dark inky blue shade is basically for lining the upper lashlines and the outer 1/3rd of lower lashlines

* the shimmery ivory shade is what Majorlica Majorca calls the "Trick On" shimmering powder. The ivory shade adds a wash of color from the inner corner of eyes to the center of eyes.

Here is a link to a post about this eyeshadow palette written by a Taiwan-based beauty editor.

( You may scroll down to the middle of the page where you can see a chart of the instruction).

However, I don't follow the instruction on the pinky beige and the shimmery ivory parts. The main reason is just I don't really like to add too much shimmer/sparkle around my eyes for my daytime look.

The pinky beige shade makes my eyes look too shimmery if I use it to highlight the brow bones and the inner corner of my eyes. But I found it is a great base color to even out my skin tone and light up my skin. The shimmery ivory shade is high-pigmented. Again, it looks too sparkling on my eyes if I highlight the inner eyes' 1/2 with it. I prefer to apply a little of it either at the inner corner of eyes or the teardrop area of the inner lower lashlines.

You can actually try the colors in different ways to figure out the best ways that achieve your desired look :)

The GR750 palette is very pretty. The colors are versatile and wearable for a casual daytime look or a dramatic evening look.

Do let me know what you think of this eyeshadow palette if you try it out. :)

Happy New Year!

Best wishes,