Anna Sui Holiday 2008 Makeup Collection

Anna Sui Holiday 2008 Collection

I always look forward to seeing the seasonal makeup collections from Anna Sui. The upcoming holiday collection from Anna Sui is due on November 6th in Japan. This collection features eye colors, nail polishes and multi-purpose powder with sparkle.

This collection includes:
Eye Color Accent: in 3 variations
Color Powder (limited edition)
#008 Aurora Silver, #101 Deep Blue, #201 Aurora Purple and #501 Aurora Gold
Nail Color Collection (limited edition available in 2 sets)
includes three Mini Nail Color N polishes and a Mini Top Coat G in a black plastic pouch

The Eye Color Accent for holiday 2008 is a duo set, which is different than the existing Eye Color Accent range in the form of single eyeshadow. I am not sure about the color variations of Eye Color Accent at this moment. I will update this post with more detailed information. :)

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Images updated on October 16th, 2008.

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Regan S. said...

These all look just as fun as her fashion, can't wait to try.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Regan S.,

Thank you very much for posting the comment!

I am with you. The colors look fun, vibrant and festive. I am looking forward to seeing the Eye Color Accent duos by the Anna Sui counter.