Nars "Super Orgasm" Blush is Available at Sephora

Nars Super Orgasm Blush

Ever since the news about limited-edition Nars Super Orgasm blush was spread around the internet in July, it has caused eager anticipations among fans of Nars and lovers of the "Orgasm" blush. Finally, Nars Super Orgasm blush is now available only at

Both "Orgasm" and "Super Orgasm" blushes feature a peachy-pink undertone. The gold shimmer of "Orgasm" is relatively fine, while "Super Orgasm" contains noticeable particles of gold glitter.
I have come across some reviews mention the flecks of gold glitter appear less noticeable once applied on the cheeks.

You can check
here for swatches and product images of Nars Super Orgasm provided by a member of MakeupAlley. Check out the pictures of both blushes in her post to compare the color variations.

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Anonymous said...

fantastic blush )))I have to check it out )

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Angel,

The blush looks pretty on Sephora's website. It seems to be a more pigmented version of the Nars Orgasm blush. I am also interested to see the color in person.

Thanks so much for posting your comment!



Anonymous said...

H! ;)
I've heard a lot about NARS blushes (especially the color Orgasm) to be the best blushes on the market.

I'm so angry at myself that I didn't check it out this summer on my trip to Paris at Sephora, since NARS isn't available anywhere here in Austria. What a pity!

Well, let's hope that it will soon come to us either!


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Jess,

Thank you for stopping by!

Do check out the Sephora stores when you travel in Paris next time.

Nars offers pretty blushes in various shades. Many shades in the blush range have gained their own loyal fan bases over the years in different countries.

I hope Nars will be available in Austria soon. :) Thanks a lot for your comment!