Weekend Beauty Reads from Beauty Blog Network

Enjoy the weekend beauty reads from Beauty Blog Network!

  1. A Touch of Blusher enjoys using Dior's Cleansing Gelee.
  2. Lilan from The Daily Cookie gives you tips on how to get Shanna Moakler's teal-eyed look with CoverGirl's new Eye Enhancers shadows!
  3. Roselyn from Makeup Makes Me Happy is back from her Caribbean vacation with a gorgeous Barbie-inspired makeup tutorial featuring pinks, blues, and purple hues from the latest M.A.C. collections!
  4. Need more staying power from your makeup? Beauty411 shares her thoughts on Skindinavia Makeup Primers and Finishing Spray.
  5. Want Flawless skin? The Muse reviews Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer!.
  6. Beauty Junkie in Sf tries out Fresh's new contribution to the mascara market, Firebird Mascara!
  7. The Beauty of Life may have been a blush novice before, but with Benefit Posietint in her life now she's totally hooked!
  8. Beauty Banter takes a peek inside Sephora's 10 Year Anniversary Party in NYC- you'll go crazy over the products in the goody bags!!!
  9. Elke shares via podcast, what to do when your makeup isn't working.
  10. Rouge Deluxe reviews REN Cleansers!
  11. Beauty Blogging Junkie shows you how you can channel a Mad Men character at various price points.
  12. Enter Beauty in Real Life's giveaway for a Kara James Rae Wristlet and some CoverGirl cosmetics!
  13. If loving Bioelements Recovery Serum is wrong, Spoiled Pretty don't wanna be right. Find out why.
  14. Cybelesays is raving over BOURJOIS' new Shimmering Shine Liquid Eye Shadow. And to help celebrate, we have 20 of them to giveaway to readers. Click here to get more details!
  15. Erin of Scandalous Beauty, goes back to basics with a video tutorial on the Basics of Applying Eyeshadow.
  16. Pursebuzz.com was soo inspired by the recent movie Mamma Mia, she decided to recreate the Hairstyle her way.
  17. Makeup Moxie reviews Revlon Beyond Natural Lip Tint.
  18. Beauty Anonymous likes the smoky blacks and copper bronzes of Shu Uemura Fall 2008 Makeup Collection.

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