VIP Discount @ Belli Skin Care

Belli, a skin care brand from the US that creates products especially for pregnant women, new mothers and babies, is hosting an online party to celebrate the launch of their revamped website. Starting August 5th through August 22nd, Belli is offering 25 % off everything.

For readers of Beauty Anonymous, you will receive an exclusive discount of 30% off your purchases at Belli. Remember to enter promo code VIPBLOG30 upon checkout. (The Belli website only accepts orders from within the United States.)

During the promotional period, you also have the opportunity to enter a daily drawing for fabulous prizes from premier brands including Petit Tresor, Plain Mary, Stephanie Johnson, Spa Scott and much more. On August 22nd, a grand prize winner will be picked to take home each of the prizes awarded during the promotional period.

Most of their products are especially created to address the specific issues of pregnant women, new moms and babies. The company takes high safety standards and thorough screening processes to ensure no harmful ingredients in its formulations linked to birth defects. Their products are made with natural, organically grown ingredients, free of dyes, synthetic fragrances and paraben preservatives.

Check out my post here, if you are interested in my review on their Foot Relief Cream and Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator.

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