Lavshuca Fall 2008 Collection

I was devastated by the heat wave attack on the east coast over the last weekend. It is still early June, and the temperature has spiked up to 100° F. While I am suffering the heat wave attack, I found out that many cosmetic brands are ready to release their fall 2008 makeup collections starting August 1st, just two months away.

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Kanebo's Lavshuca will launch its fall 2008 makeup collection on August 1, 2008 in Japan. There are three new lines in the collection, including Rouge Star Classics, Dual Prism Eyes and Creamy Liquid Foundation.

The colors of Dual Prism Eyes, shown on the top right of picture above, seem to look similar with Noble On Color Eyes from the spring 2008 collection. They are both quite neutral and muted. It is, however, too early to make a judgment now. I look forward to seeing more updates and images from Lavshuca's fall 2008 collection.

Updated on July 9th, 2008:

Here are the line-up and product images of the collection:

Rouge Star Classics: 11 shades

Color Conc Rouge: 2 new shadesPK-1 & BR-1BR-2 & GN-1GN-2 & BU-1
PU-1 & SV-1
Dual Prism Eyes
: in 8 color variations

Grade Color Select: 2 new color variations
Powder Compact Eyebrow: 2 new shades

Liquid Pen Eyeliner: 2 new shades

Eyeliner Pencil N: 2 new shades

Eyebrow Pencil N: 3 new shades

Creamy Liquid Foundation: 5 shades

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