Spring 2008 Makeup Collection from Kate and Lavshuca

I have narrowed down my Spring 2008 Makeup collection "shopping list" to Chanel, Dior and MAC N Collection. I fine these western brands have been very creative with their new products. Nevertheless, some Japanese spring collections are on my shopping list as well. Two of them are from Japanese drugstore delights. Both are sister brands, Kate and Lavshuca, under Kanebo Cosmetics.

Kate has become a top-selling brand in the drugstore market not only in Japan, but also in several other Asian countries like Taiwan. Japanese singer/actress Mika Nakashima is currently the spokeswoman for Kate cosmetics. This brand targets a young consumer group who likes an edgy and individualistic style of makeup. It has become popular for its variety of colors and great quality at very affordable prices. If you are a drugstore frequenter in those Asian countries, you probably own a thing or two (or maybe even more) from Kate.

I wasn't particularly attracted to Kate cosmetics when it was first up in the market. Perhaps it was the plain and simple packaging that didn't draw my attention. I soon realized I should never judge a book by its cover after many of my girl friends started to convince me how pretty Kate's eye shadows were. I decided to give it a second chance and sure enough, I found out it had quite a range of pretty eye shadows that I like. Its eyeshadow palettes have versatile shades from pinks, blues, neutrals, beiges, greens, violets and etc in different eyeshadow series. I have a couple of Kate's eye shadow palettes and I really like the wearable color combinations that can be applied for different makeup effects. The following is Kate Spring 2008 Confusion Collection, which will make debut on Feb 1, 2008:

  1. Line Spicy N: available in five color variations
  2. Magical Volume Gel Mascara:in black
  3. Square Cut Eyeliner: available in five shades
  4. Powder Gel Liner: available in three shades
  5. Glam Trick Eyeshadow
  6. Gradical Eyes S Eyeshadow

Unlike Kate's minimalist, black, and sleek product packaging, Lavshuca has a refined and princessy touch in its packaging. Japanese pop/rock duo
Puffy has been its new face since early 2007. Although Lavshuca targets a consumer group of 20-30 years-old, I think Lavshuca distinguishes itself from Kate by focusing on a more mature generation than Kate.

Lavshuca has launched a series of five eyeshadow palettes, Noble On Color Eyes, for Spring 2008. The lineup consists of beige and brown trio shades on outer sides with various bright hues in the center of palettes. In addition, Gradate Color Select comes up with a new palette (GY-1) in varying gray shades. The following is the line-up of
Lavshuca Spring 2008 Collection:

  1. Rouge Essence Spa
  2. Noble On Color Eyes
  3. Jewel Lips mini lipstick
  4. Gradate Color Select
  5. Powder Foundation N
  6. Skin Filter Base: tinted makeup primer with SPF16 PA ++


Bliss said...

Hiya i read BA on a daily basis, you guys introduce me to new stuff everyday and i love that so im linking you guy :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Bliss,

Thank you very much for your support of Beauty Anonymous. Thanks a lot for linking to my blog! I love your ulzzang look! You are very skillful in makeup!

Hope to hear from you again!



NN* said...

hi there, I love your blog! it's so informative!!
I'm also very fond of Kate and have always been wanting to try Lavshuca but I live in Canada..
do you know any online webistes that sell these?

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi nn*,

I am glad to hear you like my blog. Thanks a lot for your support!

Below are a list of websites you can try:
1. http://www.adambeauty.com/
Adam Beauty is based in Hong Kong.

JpMon is based in Taiwan.

Ichibankao is based in Japan.

I am not sure if you can read Chinese. Among them, only the Ichibankao website is in English. Adam Beauty and JpMon are in Chinese. (Feel free to let me know if you need help checking their websites in Chinese.)

I have had a couple of good experiences shopping with JpMon. I have also heard other people experience good customer services with Adam Beauty, and Ichibankao.
So, you can try to compare the prices and the shipping fees among them, and figure out a better option for you.

Again, feel free to let me know if there is anything else to help you with. I am glad you also like Kate and Lavshuca.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sis,

Need your help..I want to buy some stuff from JPMon , Taiwan. But, I think I have problem with the member registration.

Do you know whether can Malaysian register in Jpmon?I want the website customer service email address but couldn't find it..

help me...T-T


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by!

For the question you asked, I actually can see Malaysia in the section of "country of delivery" on their website. So, you should be able to register in JpMon.

I am sorry that I can not find the customer service email address on their website either. I can only see their contact number on the website.

What kind of problem are you having with the member registration? Feel free to let me know if I can help with anything.