La Mer Donates $100,000 to Help Protect the World's Oceans

I am a big fan of La Mer and would like to salute their effort to support ocean conversation. This is a latest news about their effort.

"In celebration of La Mer’s sea heritage and dedication to preserving the beauty of the oceans, this month La Mer will donate $100,000 to Oceana to help fund global initiatives and support their mission of ocean conservation.
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Oceana, the largest international ocean advocacy group, is supported by marine scientists, economists, lawyers and advocates worldwide that work strategically to deliver targeted results. Oceana’s lead spokespeople include Ted Danson, Amber Valletta and Sam Waterston. With La Mer’s donation, Oceana will be able to increase research voyages on their Ketch catamaran, Ranger, and better patrol, document, and fight destruction of the ocean’s unique ecosystem."

Visit here for Crème de La Mer's tips for how we can help protect the world's oceans.

[News source: La Mer]

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