Anna Sui Fall 2008 Makeup Collection

Promo Image of Anna Sui Fall 2008 Makeup Collection

The hot summer weather has just begun. I was surprised to find that so many fall 2008 makeup collections have already been warming up for their debuts starting in August. Overall, I find the fall 2008 collections are impressive in terms of packaging and color. I am going to bring you the sneak peeks of fall collections from time to time. Do stay tuned for the tours of Fall 2008.

Today's focus is Anna Sui. Its Fall 2008 Collection is due out on August 21, 2008. It is a must-see that I don't want to miss out this year. The collection features adorable nail and makeup items. The new nail products feature revamped packagings. Among them, the bottle of Nail Color N is molded with Anna Sui's signature rose shape. The new look is more lovely than the existing Nail Color line.

Another item that has intrigued me is Makeup Color Collection D. It is actually a dresser set collection. The dresser set is designed with a mirror and three tiers of drawers. It is loaded with Anna Sui's popular items and popular makeup colors. The size is about 21.6 cm × 20 cm × 19 cm.

Makeup Color Collection D from Anna Sui Fall 2008 Collection

As a limited-edition release, the Makeup Colo
r Collection D costs 18,900 Japan Yen, which is about US$175. It is pricey! Considering the girly packaging and the signature colors in the collection, I can understand why the price is high. Makeup Color Collection D includes:
  • Face Color D
  • Eyeshadow D
  • Lip Color D
  • Lip Balm D
  • Lip Brush
  • Eyeshadow Tip & Brush
  • Puff S
Enjoy browsing the rest of the items from Anna Sui Fall 2008 Collection:

Nail Color N: 38 shadesNail Art Color N: 15 shades
Nail File

Nail Art Sticker: in three variationsTop Coat N
Base Coat N

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cybele said...

OMG, this has to be the cutest dresser of makeup I have ever seen! It's also the only one I've ever seen. And her trademark black lacquer makes it look so endearing. I wish more companies would pay attention to packaging! We wimin love it! Thanks for the heads up.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Cybele,

Thank you for posting the comment!

As a loyal fan of Anna Sui cosmetics, I am really tempted by the dresser set. I am just not sure if I will like the makeup colors included in the dresser set.

I agree with you. I do hope more and more companies, especially the Western cosmetic companies, would value packaging design. The Western cosmetic companies tend to keep a simple approach to the packaging.

After all, I love beautiful makeup and cute packaging too!

Thanks for stopping by!



Super Saiyan said...

Wow so cute!!
I like them

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