Aube Summer 2008 Makeup Collection

Aube released its early Summer 2008 collection a while back in mid April. The mini collection features Gloss Fruitina lip gloss, Impression Eyes eye shadow palette and Puff Bounce Cheek color. Its Summer 2008 Collection will be out on June 14th, 2008 in Japan. Check out what it has in the collection:

Gel & Shine Eyes
Gel & Shine Eyes is a limited-edition gel and loose powder eyeshadow. It is available in six pastel, shimmering shades, including blue, pink, purple, gold, green and brown.
Dual Color Eyeliner
Dual Color Eyeliner features a dark shade with black pearl shimmer on one end and a bright shiny shade on the other end. It is available in six limited-edition color combinations, which are coordinated with the shades from the Gel & Shine Eyes series.
Rouge Purely Stay is available in ten new shades.
Coil Comb Mascara
The Coil Comb Mascara is waterproof and available in two shades, black and brown. The mascara wand has a three-in-one design that features a coil brush, a comb brush and a mini brush. Check out the enlarged picture below for a closer look.
The coil brush coats the lashes from the base of lashes up to the tips. The comb brush separates the lashes. And the mini brush works for the lashes at the corners of the eyes and the tiny lashes of lower eyelid.

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