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Established in 2005, beautyAddicts is a cosmetics brand that aims to achieve beauty through simplicity. The brand has opted to create makeup in a streamlined color system for an effortless solution of being chic and sophisticated. Most of its makeup is available in palettes with coordinated colors.

beautyAddicts GLIMMERSheers Palettes

s is a series of highlighter and luminizer duos. The line-up includes Glow (soft lavender), Express (champagne), Motivate (soft rose) and Seduce (pale silver). I am going to share with you my thoughts on the Glow and Express compacts.The Glimmersheers compact comprises two shades for the face and body. In the compact, the left side is the Glimmer-Glowing Highlighter, which features a pastel, shimmery shade. The right side is the Sheer-Clear Gel Luminizer in crystal clear shade. The highlighter has a creamy texture; the luminizer has a gel consistency.

Glimmer-Glowing Highlighter

The highlighter can be applied alone or layered over other shades. It delivers a subtle wash of color on top of eye shadow(s), blusher, or lip colors. The light lavender shade from the Glow compact highlights my other blue, grey and black eye shadows beautifully with a ladylike touch. The champagne gold from the Express compact is warm and sunny. It works great as a multi-purpose highlighter for the eyes, cheeks, lips, shoulders and decollete.

GLIMMERSheers "Express" Compact

I like to wear this highlighter cream alone as a base color on the eyes when I want to keep makeup simple and light on casual days. It evens out and brightens up the skin tone, and gives me a sense of clarity for a fresh look.
Just a little goes a long way. It can be overwhelmingly frosty or metallic if I apply too much amount of it.

GLIMMERSheer - Glow

The Glimmer contains
Dermaxyl for collagen stimulation and elastic production, Ceramide 2 for hydration, the anti-oxidant properties of Green Tea, and vitamins A and E.

Sheer - Clear Gel Luminizer

Close-up of GLIMMERSheers "Express" Compact
Right Side: Glowing Highlighter Left Side:Clear Gel Luminizer

Sheer luminizer has a lightweight gel texture. It
goes on transparent. The direction suggests to pat it over the Glimmer highlighter cream for a luminous radiance, or wear it on the brow bone, over lipstick or on the face for a sublime glow. If you apply it this way, I would suggest to finish the look with light strokes of translucent face powders to avoid the slightly sticky feeling of the gel luminizer.

Close-up of GLIMMERSheers "Glow" Compact
Right Side: Glowing Highlighter Left Side:Clear Gel Luminizer

The Sheer luminizer is formulated with Jojoba Oil, full of anti-oxidant properties, to smooth and moisturize the skin. It is non-comedogenic, which means it does not block pores.

The Glimmersheer highlighter and luminizer duos in Express and Glow from beautyAddicts are wearable and workable. The light lavender shade of Express works great with cool tones of eye shadows. The champagne gold of Glow is on-trend for the summer. It is very easy to apply the shades with fingertips or brushes for a sheer wash of color. I especially like the Express compact in champagne gold as it adds a touch of light gold shimmer and splash to the face and body.

*This sample is provided by beautyAddicts. However, this review is solely based on my personal opinions after using this product.*

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