OPI Beyond Chic Collection 2008

OPI Beyond Chic Collection

Beyond Chic Collection is the latest release from OPI. This line comes in six nail colors, including four subtle whites with hints of gold or silver and two pale pinks. It is light and sheer for the spring.

Pearly whites with a touch of shimmering gold or silver are one of my all-time favorite nail colors. I think they are quite flattering for different skin tones, and suit for various outfits and occasions.
OPI Beyond Chic Collection

The collection is available in:
  • Makes Men Blush: light warm pink
  • Oh So Glam!: platinum white touched with gold
  • She’s Golden: white frost with a golden gleam
  • Time-less is More: subtle white
  • Pearls Night Out: white pearl
  • Kiss on the Chic: pale pink

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Jessica Claire said...

I'm so excited to try makes men blush!

I wore tutti fruiti toca for years and have been looking for a nice replacement


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica Claire,

Do let me know if you like the color of Makes Men Blush! Hope you will find the color you like from the collection!

Thanks for stopping by!



Girl-Woman said...

Once again, I love the names as much as the polish. Hmmm, makes men blush looks like a good one to start with.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Girl-woman,

Thank you very much for stopping by!

I do like the names of Beyond Chic collection as well! I haven't had a chance to try the collection in person. I am hoping to check the colors in store maybe this week.

Let me know if you ever try the color of Makes Men Blush! I would love to hear your thoughts!



Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. I think I might need a few of these colors. I love light colors.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Tink,

OPI has always done a good job creating colors. I was just so impressed of the bright shades of OPI India Collection.

Beyond Chic Collection matches my spring mood. I am glad you feel the same with the collection.

Thank you very much for stopping by!



couturesista said...

I've been wearing OPI snow white for years and people would look at me like I'm crazy for wearing all white nail polish and now looky looky, its all the rage. I'm over pales and whites now

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Couturesista,

I am glad you feel the same with white nail polishes. I don't know! I think whites are quite classic and universally flattering for all skin types.

My white nail polishes mostly have a hint of shimmer,or pearly champagne, or a pink undertone. They are quite shimmery in a way.
I love how they are flattering on my skin, and suit most of my outfits very well.

I have never seen the color of OPI Snow White. I hope to check it out next time I am at my local nail salon store.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment!