Lunasol Summer 2008 Collection

Lunasol Summer 2008 Collection will launch on May 9, 2008 in Japan. Lunasol is one of the department store brands under Kanebo Corporation. This is the line up for this summer collection:

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  • Full Glamour Gloss N: available in ten shades (two are limited-edition shades; eight are permanent colors)
  • Sheer Contrast Eye Shadow: available in two limited-edition color combinations, Blue Green Coral and Bronze Coral
  • Geminate Liner: available in Shining Gold and Light Green
  • Nail Finish: available in Summer Orange, Shining Pink, Sparkling Blue and Splash Green
Eye colors from Lunasol Summer 2008 Collection have a similar color theme with the eye shadow palettes from last year's summer collection. Both collections feature two eye shadow palettes, bronze and blue. Only this year the eye colors are more to the warm side.

Full Glamour Gloss N is a brand-new lip gloss line. The line-up contains wearable soft beiges, pinks and corals I like. Maybe I will pick up a thing or two from the Summer 2008 Makeup Collection.

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