Update on MAC Beauty Powder Blush Collection

[Photo credit: Shades of u]

MAC Beauty Powder Blush collection will launch on March 13th, 2008. This limited-edition collection is a series of micronized powder blushes with pearlized pigments.

[Photo credit: Shades of u]

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Updated on March 19, 2008:

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BeautyChick101 said...

How exciting! And how gorgeous are those pictures?

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Jamie,

Yes,they are pretty shades. I like the advertisement photos as well. I am surprised to see the mix of the Beauty Powder Blushes turns into a pretty lilac/violet tone. Definitely will check out the collection in store next week.

Thanks a lot for your comment!



Cybele said...

I can't wait to try these. I am so all about blush right now! Which ones do you think will be hits? I always like to ask my MAC experts this with any collection. Thanks for the news!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Cybele,

Honestly,I am not sure which ones will be hits. All of them are quite pretty, and have their own characters.I do feel Sweetness will be one of the potential hits as it is a lovely bright pink for pink lovers.

Maybe Joyous (Peach with gold shimmer),Everson (Peach bronze with gold pearl), and Serenely (Deep brownish red with gold pearl)are also flattering shades. It is just my first impression. I am not so sure at this point. I definitely will check out the collection this week, and let you know my thoughts after I try out the blushes.

Which blush(s) has drawn your attention at this moment? Or what do you think which ones will be hits?

Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. I hope to hear from you again.