MAC Beauty Powder Blush Collection: My Thoughts and My Pick!

The other day, I went to check out MAC Beauty Powder Blush Collection at a MAC store. Overall, I really enjoy the colors in this collection. All the cheek colors in the collection, from pale to intense, neutral to bright and cool to warm tones, are beautiful wearable shades. I think people with different skin tones and/or with different tastes would find something for themselves from this collection.

MAC Beauty Powder Blush Collection has a silky and velvety texture. The powders are finely-milled. The pearly shimmer is quite muted, and it deliver a subtle sheen on the face. The blushes are pigmented, especially for strong and bright shades such as Serenely, Joyous and Sweetness. I would suggest you to apply these blushes lightly.

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I am going to share with you how I tried out the collection, and bring you my final pick! I classify these blushes into tones as followed:

Sweetness is a bright pink with blue undertones, making it reflect a cool tone of bright pink on my skin.

True Romantic is a mauvey-rose pinky shade with silver shimmer. It is a beautiful mid-tone pink that suits my skin well. But, when the silver shimmer reflects with light from different angles, the shimmer overpowers the pink shade and delivers a silver sheen. The silver frosty appearance doesn't appeal to me that much.

Shy Beauty is a light apricot hue with gold shimmer. This is the least pigmented blush in the collection. It has a pale peachy pink similar to Benefit's Dandelion. Only it is peachier than Dandelion. It has the soft warm pink that is probably universally flattering for all skin types.

Pinky Coral
Joyous is a bright pinky coral with gold shimmer. The actual color looks more intense and brighter than what I saw on MAC website. Joyous has intense orange undertones and is very pigmented.

Brownish Tones
Feeling is a brownish plum shade with berry undertones. Serenely, however, is a deep brown with red undertones.

MAC Beauty Powder Blush " Eversun"

Neutral Tones
While Secret Blush is a neutral plum hue with gold shimmer, Eversun is a peachy bronze with gold shimmer. Both Secret Blush and Eversun have neutral earthy tones that look very similar to me. Secret Blush, however, has more of brown undertones and Eversun has more of orange undertones.

Close-up of MAC Beauty Powder Blush "Eversun"

My Pick - Eversun

Shy Beauty and Eversun are my favorite shades in the collection. Since I already own a few warm pink blushes such as Benifit's Dandelion and Nars Orgasm Blush, I decided to try Eversun. I am surprised to find the gold shimmer in Eversun goes on very subdued, and gives a subtle finish. Eversun is medium-pigmented. I love the bronzy peach color with a touch of gold shimmer. It is a definitely wearable and buildable blush I am going to wear during spring and summer months.


Girl-Woman said...

A great disection of the colors. Thanks.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Girl-woman,

Good to hear from you again!
Thanks a lot for liking this post.



BeautyTalk said...

My favorite is True Romantic

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Beautytalk,

Thank you for stopping by again!

I actually quite like the muted pink of True Romantic. But, then, I noticed the silver shimmer kind of overpowers the pink shade when it reflects with light from different angles.

I am glad you have found what you like in the collection!

Thank you very much for sharing!



Fififaraday said...

thank you for this!
I was googling about Mac blushes and found this post. Now I'm ready to buy my first MAC blush and it's going to be Eversun. hehe :P
thank you again!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Fififaraday,

I am really glad that this post was helpful to you.

Eversun is a lovely peachy bronzed color. To me, the color is wearable year-round.

I hope you will like it! Do let me know what you think of this blush if you try it out. :)