Sonia Rykiel Spring 2008 Makeup Collection

Sonia Rykiel released its limited-edition Spring 2008 makeup collection, on Feb 1st, 2008. Inspired by aquarelle colors, the collection is full of airy, feminine and spring-like hues. This collection includes:
  • Palette: It consists of three pieces of eye shadows and a pair of lip glosses. The palette is available in two color variations. Palette #01 has beige brown hues with warm undertone. Palette #02 features pink with cool undertone.
  • Face Color: Face Color is available in two shades. #06 is rosy pink with silver shimmer. #07 is coral with golden shimmer.
  • Lipstick: available in five new shades
  • Nail Color: available in three shades
The Spring 2008 collection from Sonia Rykiel is delightful! I like the inspiration of "Aquarelle", which is very suitable for the spring. It has a good balance between deep and light shade, shimmer and matte. All the colors from the palette, face color, lipstick, to nail color look airy, elegant and very wearable. This collection has colors that blend well with each other to help achieve consistency on makeup. I think it will also be a good idea to wear this collection for the coming Valentine's Day!


the Muse said...

yay this is an exciting collection! I like the looks of it and it's one of the few collections that's very spring-like!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello the muse,

It is nice to hear from you again!

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2008 collection didn't draw my attention at first glance.

After checking it out more and more times on its website, I have found this collection is likable. It is so soft, elegant and spring-like.
I am glad you like it too.

Thank you for sharing!!!

Best wishes,