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If winter comes, can spring be far away? Vibrant brights and light pastels always dominate spring makeup. This year, it is worth noting that one of the spring trends is nude makeup. Many of you might have noticed that MAC Cosmetics released N Collection a month ago for its spring 2008 collections. N Collection has a comprehensive lineup of nude neutrals from eye, lips, face, to nail colors.

Bobbi Brown is also releasing a limited-edition Nude Collection in March 2008. Nude Collection is all about enhancing the natural skin tones for a fresh flawless look. I am so happy to see more collections of nude colors coming out for Spring 2008. It is delightful to see the timeless colors making a comeback.

Nude makeup is not merely a trend to me. I always enjoy wearing colors, but there are moments that I don't want to paint too many colors on my face or don't bother to layer eye shadows on eyes. Nude makeup is the perfect choice to fill in this kind of moment! The lineup of Bobbi Brown Nude Collection includes:

Nude Lip & Eye Palette
  • Buff Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • Nude Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • Bare Eye Shadow
  • Naked Eye Shadow
  • Bare Lip Color
  • Beige Lip Color
  • Brownie Pink Lip Color
  • Cocoa Lip Color
Glitter Lip Gloss
  • Almost Bare
  • Nude
  • Naked
  • Buff
Nude makeup colors are not to be confused with neutral makeup colors. Nude colors usually consist of pale pastels, flesh, beiges and browns that are very close to our skin tones. And sometimes they are slightly added extra hues of sheer pink, coral, orange, bronze shimmer or champagne gold for a little bit of colors. The colors are easy to apply and universally flattering on all skin tones. The concept is to even out skin tone, enhance the natural beauty and bring out the healthy-looking skin for an effortless "no makeup" look (Sometimes we have to spend so much effort to make ourselves look effortlessly pretty).

How do you like Bobbi Brown's Nude Collection? As for the palette, I prefer the eye shadows over lip colors. From this commercial photo, it doesn't look like the palette provides a good range of color combinations. The eye shadows are mostly lighter shades. On the other hand, the lip colors are more toward deep brown.

I like the airy and wearable eye shadows. The lip colors might be a little too deep for my complexion and can not deliver a lively nude look on my lips. The Glitter Lip Gloss seems to have a range of balanced shades from light to dark. Overall, I still want to check out this Bobbi Brown Nude Collection in person when it is available in March 2008.

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Gail said...

Bobbi Brown does it better season after season after season. What she does is make us look better while still looking very much like ourselves. Friends say, "You look fabulous!" Not, "Are you wearing a new blush?" Simply, "You look great!"
What Bobbi does this spring is offer a Nude Collection with, as she says, "Natural colors I see in people's faces." How true! Your look is enhanced, vibrant, alive, yet there is positively nothing made up about your appearance.
One of my absolute must-haves is Bobbi's Limited Edition Nude Lip and Eye Palette in her slim double drawer mirrored signature case. The shades are subtle yet gorgeous with perfectly paired eye and lip colors. The case holds Buff Shimmer Walsh Eye Shadow, Nude Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Bare Eye Shadow, and Naked Eye Shadow. What works well for me is to cover the entire lid with Bone Eye Shadow.
The lip colors are both luscious and lasting. From among Bare, Beige, Brownie Pink, and Cocoa I love the effect of Bare for my lips and Buff Shimmer Wash Shadow or Brownie Pink paired with the Nude Shimmer Wash Shadow.
The possibilities are endless and you can't go wrong as all the colors are compatible.
Of course, Bobbi misses nothing so she includes an Eye Shadow Brush and a capped Lip Brush in the compact. Mother Nature is coloring everything for summer and Bobbi's taking care of me!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Gail,

Thanks a lot for sharing!

Bobbi Brown is such a master of nude/neutral makeup colors. The eye shadow powders are so finely-milled and of great quality.

I really like those eye shadows from the Nude Lip and Eye Palette. However, the lips colors from the palette look kind of dark for my liking. I am still looking forward to seeing more and more beautiful colors from Bobbi Brown!

Thanks a lot for stopping by! I am glad you enjoy the Nude Lip and Eye Palette!