Best-dressed @ 2008 BAFTA Awards: Sienna Miller

Last night, I spent a relaxing time watching the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. The 50th Annual Grammy Awards took place at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on Feb 10, 2008. It was one of the biggest nights in the music industry. The Awards show, performances, and the choirs were amazingly entertaining. Sadly, I could hardly pick up my favorite best-dressed at last night's Grammy red carpet.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards was hold the same day in London's Covent Garden. Black color almost dominated the arrivals on the red carpet, though I expected to see more vibrant and bright colors. Among the stars on the red carpet, I like Sienna Miller's classy appearance the most for 2008 BAFTA Awards. She rocked the red carpet with her glamor and class.

[Photo credit: E! Online]

Sienna Miller was wearing a backless Dior gown by John Galliano. Sleeved dress is probably not a popular choice on big events like Academy Awards. However, for a beauty like Sienna Miller, she can pull off the dress perfectly. The sleek frock was form-fitting that flew along the curves very well. The jewelry in the back highlighted her back beautifully.


The V-cut backless Dior gown was simple, classic and stylish. The Chopard diamond rings and diamond bracelets dazzled and made a statement. Her makeup was a staple of the classic glamourous look. The bright red lips looked ravishing with the sun-tanned face and black-lined eyes. She transformed a simple sleek black dress into a glamourous classic with her own modern characteristic. Therefore, I feel she deserved to be the best-dressed on the red carpet on the Sunday night.


nilla cookie said...

Sienna Miller certainly does look gorgeous! And I agree that the Grammy red carpet was a bore and a huge disappointment :(

Beauty Anonymous said...

Dear Lilan,

Good to hear from you again!

I admit it was so entertaining to watch. The 50th Annual Grammy Awards is definitely a memorable one for me. But this year's red carpet was indeed disappointing.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Best wishes,


PJ said...

Hi BA,

I agree with you. Sienna Miller looked absolutely stunning, and I would pick her as the best-dressed too. I read here and there (from the UK press coverage) that some thought the dress might be too old for her, but most reviews seemed to adore this very grown-up look.

I do think she is usually very stylish. But I am personally not a fan of boho-chic, so I particularly like this old-school glamorous look from her. (Love the makeup too!)

Be well!


Beauty Anonymous said...

Dear PJ,

I was kind of surprised to see Sienna Miller in such a grown-up look. I couldn't actually recognize her at first. I guess it has something to do with her usual boho style.

She did modernize the classic black dress beautifully. Very beautiful!

Thanks a lot for sharing!