MAC N Collection Available on MAC Website

MAC website is updated with the N Collection. It is now available online at MAC website.

Here are the shade descriptions of the N Collection according to MAC website:

  • Lipstick: 1N (Light frosted gold with pink pearl), 2N (Creamy light pink), 3N (Milky pastel pink), 4N (Mid-tone creamy brown), 5N (Plummy sheer brown)
  • Tinted Lipglass:1N (Creamy white tan), 2N (Creamy neutral yellow pink), 3N (Neutral brown with gold and pink pearl), 4N (Light chocolate brown with red pearl)
  • Creamstick Liner:Creamola (Low-down tan), Sublime Culture (Pink/caramel fusion)
  • Eye Shadow:Nanogold (Sheer yellow beige with pink pearl), Modest Tone (Neutral dirty tan), Neutral Pink (Dirty mid-tone blue pink), Rich Flesh (Neutral warm brown), Dark Edge (Dirty chocolate brown)
  • Paint Pot:Groundwork (Mid-tone neutral taupe),Quite Natural (Dirty chocolate brown), Soft Ochre (Yellow beige)
  • Technakohl Liner: Graphblack (Richest graphic black), Brownborder (Deep chocolate brown)
  • Plush Lash: Mascara Plushblack (Black)
  • Nail Lacquer: N Colour (Creamy beige), Naturally Rich (Milk chocolate), Demi-Blanc (Gold beige with green pearl)
  • Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural: Medium (Soft creamy beige), Light Medium (Pale golden beige), Medium Dark (Caramel beige), Medium Plus (Tan beige), Dark (Deep caramel), Medium Deep (Rich golden tan)
  • Mineralize Skinfinish: Warmed (Golden bronze with light yellow gold veining), Light Flush (Soft pastel pink with deep bronze veining)
  • Charged Water/Renewal Defense:Hydrating mist fused with ions and anti-oxidants
  • 134 Large Powder Brush
  • 187 Duo Fibre Brush

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