I Want This: KANEBO Kate Magical Long Gel Mascara!

Kate Cosmetics is one of the drugstore brands under Kanebo Cosmetics in Japan. This brand released Kate Magical Long Gel Mascara during Fall 2007. Unlike other mascaras that commonly use fibers to define lashes, Kate Magical Long Gel Mascara is formulated with a special gel to lengthen and intensify eyelashes without clumping. It is a smudge-proof, water-proof and long-lasting mascara.

The special gel formula of this Magical Long Gel Mascara has caught my attention. I still have a few mascaras that primarily use fibers to define lashes. I always notice little tiny fiber bits scatter around the under-eye area after several hours of wear. This is particularly noticeable when a mascara becomes drier, which means it is expiring soon. Also, dry fibers can easily clump on eyelashes. I am eager to know how the Kate Magical Long Gel Mascara works and if it is easier to apply.

There are two more reasons why this mascara should be on my makeup shopping list. This mascara is thermal-sensitive. It can be washed away easily with lukewarm water. Second, it has ingredients such as Panthenol & Olive oil to nourish eyelashes. How nice it sounds! Kate Magical Gel Mascara is currently only available in black color for 1580 Yen (approximately USD$13.80). I am very interested to give it a try.

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