Bulgari Flagship Openings in Tokyo

[Photo credit: http://www.bulgari.com/]

Who can resist Bulgari jewelry at the moment flipping through magazine or glancing the diamonds at Bulgari boutique? According to WWD.com, this Italian jewelry and leather goods brand, BULGARI, has opened two major stores in Tokyo, Japan last month. The flagship store in the Omotesando region also houses a cafe and gourmet chocolate shop in addition to offering luxurious goods and pieces. And this flagship store in Ginza is currently the largest Bulgari store in the world to offer not only fine jewelry and goods, but also superior bridal and restaurant services. These two stores commemorate Bulgari's 20 years milestone in Japan.

Each Bulgari chocolate contains a unique filling [Photo credit: wwd.com]

It is not the first time Bulgari makes its move to the restaurant ventures. Its gourmet chocolates at the Omotesando store are very popular in Japan. Average 700 to 800 of chocolates a day are sold over the weekend. The jewelry and leather goods brand has successfully expanded its service to provide luxury hospitality in some of the beautiful cities and resorts in the world. In 2004, Bulgari first opened a hotel in Milan, then the second one in Bali in 2006.
In Ginza, the mega store is a 10-floor tower with more than 10,000 sq. ft of floor space. The ground floor displays jewelry and watches. The second floor offers luxurious leather goods, eyewear, and other accessories. The third floor provides bridal salon service and VIP shopping rooms for jewelry. The top three floor houses a panoramic restaurant and cocktail bar. The restaurant overviews the spectacular skyline of Ginza. The Ginza tower will also feature Bulgari's new skincare line and beauty treatments in store by 2009.

The Bulgari store in Ginza [Photo credit: wwd.com]


PJ said...

Hello BA,

This post makes me want to go to Tokyo again even more. (I am planning a trip there, but it won't be happening very soon.)

I want some Bulgari chocolates! (I will save the sophisticated boxes as well!)

I always enjoy browsing in the Bulgari boutiques in London. But it seems that the experience in the boutiques in Tokyo will be even more unique.

I am adding them to my itinerary...

Thank you for the post!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, PJ,

Yeah, the Bulgari Tower in Ginza is gorgeous! The other Bulgari boutique has such nice chocolates! Each one looks like a gem in the boxes.

Whether it is happening soon or not, sure let us know your experience with Bulgari chocolates and new Bulgari boutiques in Japan.

(This time, it is me still owe you a reply. I will get back to you soon.)

Thank you very much for your comment!

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