2007 Holiday Makeup Collection Roundup - Part 2

One of the great excitements about holiday collection is the makeup palette. Jeweled makeup is often luxuriously packaged for one single product like lip stick or lip gloss. However, makeup palette often offers a variety from eye shadow, lip gloss to cheek color, etc. To meet the elements of the Christmas, the shades are usually created with younger and shinier look. It is the perfect timing to put on a sparkling and glamorous makeup for the Christmas!

Today's feature is holiday makeup palette. They are fallen into a "multi-use" category, which means each palette brings you more than two kinds of point makeup. Let's check it out:

1. BEAUTÉ de KOSÉ Snowflake Compact: (¥6,300 or USD$58) The Snowflake Compact contains four eye shadows and four lip colors. The shades are pearly, light and shiny. There are snowflake motifs imprinted on the eye shadows for decoration. This compact also comes with a furry snow white pouch decorated with faux-crystals.

2. IPSA Aurora Charm Makeup: ( ¥5,250 or USD $48) The palette contains a red lipstick, two lip glosses and three face colors.

3. RMK Makeup Palette: ( ¥ 9,975 or USD$91.50) It comes with four eye shadows, a face color (in beige), three shades of cheek colors, a long lash black mascara and a lip gloss (in coral). The palette case is in leopard-print.

4. Stila Deluxe Palette: ($34) Stila releases two sets of deluxe palette for holiday collection 2007. Guinevere's Deluxe Palette is in a cool tone and Scarlett's Deluxe Palettein is in a warm tone. Each palette has three eye shadows, a cheek color and a lip color. The palette case is adorned with two Swarovski crystals.

5. Lavshuca Winter Make Collection: (¥1680 or USD$15.40) It is available in two sets of shades. "01 Berry Creme Framboise" is in pink series and "02 BonBon Chocolat Classique" is in gold series. Each contains an eyeshadow pan of three shades and two lip colors.

6. Yves Saint Laurent Multi-Usage Makeup Palette: ($67) From the Love Collection 2007, the palette has everything you can find: three eye shadows, three lipsticks, a lip gloss, a face highlighter and a blush.

*Edited on Dec 01, 2007: Thanks to Lilan from The Daily Cookie for passing on the sweet Friends & Family 15 % discount at the US website of Yves Saint Laurent beauty. Check here for more details!


nilla cookie said...

The YSL palette is also to die for. I just posted a friends and family discount code on my site. I hope you use it to splurge on yourself! :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, Lilan,

Thank you very much once again for passing on YSL Beauty's sweet bargain!

And enjoy a nice weekend!