2007 Holiday Makeup Collection Roundup - Part 1

In recent years, it has been a trend that more and more brand-name cosmetics companies release cosmetics in jewel-like packaging during seasons, especially X'mas. Case designs are mostly cute, feminine and luxurious. The concept behind it is for women not only to wear beautiful makeup, also to wear the cosmetics itself beautifully.

Christmas holidays are quietly coming in less than a month. Are you still undecided on the wish list for your holiday makeup collection? Or maybe you are still looking for the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones? Beauty Anonymous is featuring a 2007 holiday makeup collection roundup. Remember? There is always something you "want" and something you "need." Making a simple comparison definitely helps me to decide between what I really "want" and what I really "need." I hope this will help you too.

Let's take a look at the highlights from the 2007 holiday collections:

1. Dior Jeweled Makeup Necklace For The Lips
"Dior Light Necklace" ($90) is part of the Dior's Limelight Collection for 2007. Inspired by the jewels of Dior Collection, the necklace is comprised of a crystal jeweled pendant. Inside the pendant, there is a copper-pink lip gloss. I admit the jeweled case is so glittery and attractive. It is also hip to accessorize this Dior Light with bags or totes. I have tried the lip gloss and I found the shade is more to the copper-orange side.

"Precious Carat" ($40) has a diamond-cut shape in the packaging and is crowned with Swarovski crystals. The lip gloss is a transparent shade (01 Diamond Splendor) with gold sparkle.

From the Yves Saint Laurent "Love collection" 2007, Yves Saint Laurent Limited-Edition Palette Pour Les Levres ($62) is in white gold metal decorated with Swarovski crystals. It comes with a true red lipstick, a natural/shimmering lip gloss and the applicator is hidden in the ring on top.

The chain-link bracelet is in 12-kt. gold plate. A pink silk is ribboned on two heart shape charms. Inside the charms, each contains a flavored lip gloss: Crystal Pink (orange flavor) and Resort Pink (berry flavor). It costs $75 exclusively at Neiman Marcus.

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