New lip balms

I have to admit I am a lip balm addict. A good excuse for my addicted behavior is my lips easily cracked in the cold and dry weather. The best way to prevent my lips from drying out and peeling off is to always keep a lip balm handy with me. I always have 2 to 3 types of lip balms for different purposes of lip care. Normally at daytime, I would go for something with a lighter texture and with SPF (especially for the summer time). At night before hitting the sack, I would prefer a creamy and thick lip balm.

Previously, I have blogged about my all-time favorite Apivita Propoline Lip Aids-Rose. It provides a beautiful pink tinted color with enough moisturization. Carmex lip balm (the original version) is my ultimate drug store find to keep my lips nice and supple throughout the night. Lately, I have been researching for new lip balms since my Carmex lip balm is running low. It is amazing to find out two of the American brands have released new versions of their classic lip balms.

Kiehl's is releasing a series of limited-edition lip blam #1(o.5 fl oz tube for $8.50). The lip balm provides SPF 4 sun protection to relieve cracked or chapped lips. It is now available in 3 limited-edition flavors: Pear, Cranberry, and Mint. I would like to get a chance to try how the three flavors smell like.

Carmex has come up with their popular jar and tube lip balms in a cherry flavor. In fact, the cherry flavor came to the market in the stick form last year. The Carmex Cherry Jar and Carmex Cherry Tube with SPF 15 sun protection have been available in drug stores since summer. I had used the original Carmex lip balm last winter. The original formulation could calm and soothe my cracked and peeling lips. I especially like the thick and moist texture that effectively heal my chapped lips. I was just about getting a new tube of the original version since the local weather here has dropped to 45 degrees. I hope the new one offers the same level of hydration with a flattering cherry flavor.

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