Apivita Propoline Lip Aids

I love to take care of my lips with natural-ingredient lip balms. Apivita Propoline Lip Aids ($7) is one of the best products I have ever used. The lip balm is formulated in a natural base of cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, vitamins, plant extracts and essential oils.

The one that I remain loyal to is Lip-Aid Rose. It is formulated to moisturize and create a sheer tint of pink-rose. It has a natural scent of rose and smooth texture. However, I only use it when my lips are healthy. It would only look terrible when the tinted lip balm glides over chapped and dry lips. There are five other different Lid-Aids to tackle different conditions:

  • Lip-Aid Chamomile SPF15 for sensitive lips

  • Lip-Aid Propolis SPF15 for chapped lips

  • Lip-Aid Cocoa Butter SPF15 for soft and healthy lips

  • Lip-Aid Black Currant for moisture and tint

  • Lip-Aid Walnut for moisture and tint

I also found PROPOLINE Lip Aid Kit on their website. The Propolis, Chamomile and rose lip balms for total only $13.50 are included in the special kit.

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