MAC for McQueen - Part 2: Eye Shadow "Haunting"

As I mentioned on my MAC for McQueen post, McQueen is probably the only one makeup collection that I have been really impressed so far this year. With high anticipation and curiosity, I headed to a MAC store yesterday. I am pleased how the McQueen collection presents the intensely-exotic colors that are suitable for either a bold/edgy or a toned-down approach.

The eye shadows and paint pots are really eye-catching! "Pagan" (yellow lime green with yellow pearl eye shadow) and "Nile" (royal blue with white pearl eye shadow) are lovely. Since I am a big lover of turquoise and also a huge fan of Elizabeth Taylor's "Cleopatra" makeup look, I have decided to test out "Haunting" ($14) and "Otherworldly" ($16.50)! Both "Haunting" and "Otherworldly" look beautiful! The first one is eye shadow powder and the latter one is creamy eye shadow. They are both turquoise-based shades. However, Haunting is with subtle shimmer. A thin layer of application will reflect a hint of silver and light blue-green. With layers of application, it goes on aqua blue with a satin finish.

On the other hand, "Otherworldly" goes on matte, pastel and high-pigmented. It presents more to the blue side compared to "Haunting". I think it is a beautiful shade but the texture is creamy (maybe a little sticky). When I try to apply a second layer of other eye shadow powder on top of "Otherworldly", the eye makeup looks a little smudgy. The McQueen collection of paint pots is probably perfect to wear solo. If you really want to blend with other eye shadows for a mixed color, you should use creamy eye shadows or with liquid textures.

I was tempted to bring "Overworldly" home. After some thoughts, I decided to buy "Haunting" only. It is an easy-to-wear beautiful turquoise shade and doesn't have a season. I am excited to come up with some makeup idea to attend the coming Halloween party! Another review regarding McQueen Kohl Power Eye Pencil will be posted on Part 3. Please stay tuned!

Updated on October 15, 2007:
A Touch of Blusher also got the eye shadow of "Haunting". I encourage you to take a look at her review for an alternative view on this product!


PJ said...

Hello BA,

I got Haunting as well! It is the only item I got from the McQueen collection. I was also tempted to get Otherworldly but decided not to.

I do really like it and it is a great blue-based turquoise shade.

I shall put up a link to this review from mine.

Thanks for the great review!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Dear PJ,

Me too! Haunting has been the only one I picked up from the McQueen collection. I am so surprised and impressed by the beautiful turquoise shade. MAC should make this color permanent in their line. ha :)

I am still thinking which to buy between Feline and Gold Karat eye pencil. I Wonder if you have any thoughts about it.

Thank you for stopping by here. Ps. I have just linked your review to my MAC Part 2 here. Thank you so much for linking to my review!