L'occitane Shea Butter Liquid Soap - Verbena

SoHo, New York is one of the places that I enjoy spending a nice Saturday afternoon wandering around. I usually like to start my quest at the L'occitane store on Prince street. The store is always infused with aromatic scents from L'occitane's different product lines. The fragrances are the best greetings whenever the door is opened up. The SoHo store is slightly different from other L'occitane stores because it also sells some specialty food products and extra-virgin olive oils from L'occitane's sister company, Olivers & Co.. There is Le Café at L’Occitane at upstairs dining area serving Mediterranean dishes. Whenever my legs feel tired and stomach feels empty during my shopping trip, I would come back to order a light sandwich or dessert. This was how I liked to enjoy a weekend afternoon in SoHo two years ago.

The first time after I was done with lunch at Le Café at L’Occitane in the early summer 2005, I went upstairs to the lady's room to wash my hands. I noticed a L'occitane Shea Butter Liquid Soap - Verbena (16.9 fl.oz for $24) pump bottle was nicely sit on the countertop. I pumped a little bit to lather up with some water. Immediately, I could sense the refreshing lemony verbena fragrance! It smells so refreshing and up lifting! The shea butter extract and aloe-vera extract sooth my hands too. My hands has a lightly-scented verbena fragrance even after I rinse them thoroughly. I totally am in love with L'occitane Shea Butter Liquid Soap - Verbena and decided to buy a bottle home. Since then, I have been using it everyday in my bathroom. It is something I can't live without. L'occitane liquid soap is also available in sweet almond and lavender fragrance.


Anna said...

This liquid soap is my favorite. and now your blog is my favorite too ;-P bravo!!!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, Anna,

Thank you very much for your support!

I really love the licquid soap verbena one. I like the fragrance so much, especially the way it leaves my hands slightly-scented.
The packaging is somewhat retro-chic. So it is nice to have it nicely sit on the countertop.

Thanks for your comment!!!