Edo Komon - Shu Uemura Fall Mode Makeup 2007

I have been a big fan of Shu Uemura and am always impressed by the striking and astounding colors Mr. Uemura brings us every season. My very first experience with Shu Uemura was at the age of 15. It was the High Performance Cleansing Oil I bought from a department store. Since then I have begun to fall in love with this cosmetic giant pioneer. Year after year, Shu Uemura still maintains its Japanese beauty philosophy; spirit of purity and simplicity. From boutique design, make-up, skin-care to product packaging, all express its unique taste of modern minimalism and sophisticated creativity.

Edo Komon Fall Mode Makeup 2007 is inspired by the patterns and colors of kimono design during the Edo period in Japanese history.

"Edo Komon is a type of komon characterized by tiny dots arranged in dense patterns that form larger designs. The Edo komon dyeing technique originated with the samurai class during the Edo period. A kimono with this type of pattern is of the same formality as an iromuji, and when decorated with kamon, may be worn as visiting wear (equivalent to a tsukesage or hōmongi).
Source: Wikipedia
Three layer-able Pressed Eye Shadow ($20) shades represent the delicate colors and unique pattern of kimono design. Again, it is limited-edition.

  • Pressed Eye Shadow Ai - in indigo blue.
  • Pressed Eye Shadow Ebi - in eggplant purple.
  • Pressed Eye Shadow Sakura - in pale pink.

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