JBL Spyro Speaker System

If you are looking for a set of 2.1 channel speaker (2 satellites plus a subwoofer) for your iPod or computer and you want both functionality and aesthetic form; JBL Spyro Speaker System($129.95) has both of these requirements. Don't let this pair of daisy shape satellites and its innocent looking curvaceous subwoofer fool you; they deliver a total of 36 watts of power. This set of speaker not only puts out great music, it is also very easy to control. Its minimalism design has only one touch to increase or lower the volume, one touch to mute and unmute, and a single control for subwoofer's bass. It comes with 5 different colors. All in all, this is a nice set of speaker to decorate your desk.


A-Mused said...

Oh my gosh I love the blue!

So cute and modern!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, a-mused,

The blue one is exactly my favorite among all! It is quite chic!

Thanks a lot for stopping by!
It is nice to exchange ideas here with you!