Hello Kitty Transformer

Are you a big fan of the kawaii Hello Kitty? Are you also a pet owner? For $160 (or 18,900 Yen), this limited edition Hello Kitty Transformation Kit lets you transform your lovely cat (or even doggies) into a Hello Kitty, just like the Transformer, to match your hello kitty cellphone charm and slippers. Tell me what do you think about this: A great transformation or humiliation to your pet? Source from [Gizmodo]


A-Mused said...

LOL! My dogs would try to eat this if they had it around their heads ;)

Very cute!

Love HK but might have to skip on the dog transformation LOL!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, a-mused,

haha, Yeah, I agree with you. Doggies might try to crash it. They probably don't feel free in it!

Thank you very much for stopping by!