Benefit Benetint

Benetint ($28) is an award winning cheek and lip liquid tint. The color in the bottle looks ruby-red, but after you apply, it goes on very sheer and radiant. Its health glow will give you an innocent-look. It smells nice with a hint of rose, but it goes away very quickly.

How to use it? It is very easy. Just draw a little "X" on the apple of your cheek, and blend in a circular motion with fingertips. You will need to work quickly before the liquid dries out. You just have to apply a little and it will goes a long way! You can also apply Benetint on the lips. When the lipstick wears off, you still have that lovely rosy glow on the lips! Oh, not to forget, this incredible rosy glow is kiss-proof and water proof.


A-Mused said...

I love me some benetint ;)

I've found other alternatives that are a bit more pigmented though! I still adore using this on my lips though!

I'm gonna try the X idea! I normally dot and blend ;)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, a-mused,

I am glad you also like this bottle. Let me know how it looks after you try X with Benetint!

Are you more interested in more-pigmented blush tint?