Kose Hair Cologne

Have your hair ever smelled like tobacco after a night of clubbing? Or, after a day of cookout, yummy, your hair smells like a slab of smoky BBQ pork rib? Or, your hair itself is odoriferous after a walk under sun. Now, that is a way to keep you and your hair happy. Kose "happy bath day" rose scented hair cologne gets rid of unpleasant odors (such as cigarette smoke, sweat, BBQ smoke...etc) and prevents bad odors from getting trapped into hair. All you do is spraying it on dry hair evenly, and you are good to go!

My hair easily absorbs bad smells in my surroundings. What I really like about this hair cologne is after one spray, it gets rid of all kind of "unhappy" odors and leaves no oil behind. The fragrance is a little artificial and overly sweet for me when I first spray on my hair. But within 1 to 2 hours, my hair starts to smell like refreshing lightly-floral scent and it lasts all day!

From Japan, this hair cologne is in a girlie-cute packaging. The spray bottle itself is easy to put in my tote. Now, I always keep this hair cologne with me and it is my hair "saver" after a night of clubbing. (Unfortunately, this product is currently not available in the US. Click here)

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