I am not a plastic bag!

Anya Hindmarch's "I am not a plastic bag" is definitely the hottest accessory of the season. The canvas tote worths only USD$15, already hitting the waves from UK, the US, to Asia. It had sold out in every Anya Hindmarch boutique everywhere. It is talk of the town for every fashionista.

I am lucky enough to own one before it was sold out the first time. For a month, I have carried it around for grocery and running errands. Sometimes, I was asked by passersby where to get the bag with such a sense of humor. Truly, I think every fashionista and even non-fashionista would fall in love with the tote. The tote is simply stylish. Most importantly, I find it is very sturdy. The handle is designed very comfy to carry.

Anya Hindmarch began to design this environmentally-friendly and affordable bag with the U.K. activist organization We Are What We Do two years ago. The goal is to encourage citizens to shop with their own green bags / reusable bags, and reduce the use of plastic bags. It started out as a good intention, surprisingly, it has come out huge success.

Soon later, the controversy following the success broke out over issues on worker rights, fair pay, fair-trade cotton, carbon emissions, etc. Anya Hindmarch responded that all bags are made in a reputable supplier in China where workers are paid double the minimum wage, and the factory has been monitored to ensure the highest ethical standards. Bags are shipped by sea to reduce carbon emissions. Anya Hindmarch has never hid the truth that the bag is neither organic nor fair-trade. "Im Not A Plastic Bag" was aimed to be a fashionable, reusable bag that would raise awareness of this green issue.

Alright, regardless of the controversial issues, regardless of the high demand stemming from popularity, regardless of the crazy inflated prices of the bag, I want to give Anya Hindmarch credits for launching the bag with a "do-good" intention. Fashion sells. Anya Hindmarch knows how her brand in a position to influence the world. Afterall, she offers an alternative to the use of plastic bags, and try to promote green awareness and a green living style.

For gals who missed the chances of grabbing one, you still have a chance. A new edition of the bag is hitting the shelves at selected Whole Foods markets in the New York and Tri-State area on July 18th.

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