Honey Rush! L’occitane Honey Comfort Mask

Every woman (oh well, man too) needs a gentle face mask in their skin-care emergency kits! Many people suffer from dryness or itchiness due to seasonal change, long haul air-flight travels, stressful time, late night partying or premenstrual period. I have suffered from the same problem since my teenage years, especially during my college late night study. It was extremely frustrating to handle this nuisance. Luckily, I discovered L’occitane’s Honey Comfort Mask, which is perfect for solving this condition. It is gentle enough for most sensitive skin even for daily use.

I have been using this soothing mask and the result is greatly satisfying. I’d use this honey mask for several days in a row whenever I suffer from redness and dryness. Not only it smooths the dry area (mainly cheek) and reduces the embarrassing redness, it also leaves my skin moisturized and healthier soon after. Plus, the formula of royal jelly, propolis and honey makes it smell sweet and slightly grassy. This facial mask simply makes me feel happier and more confident before taking my beauty sleep.

For $34, it is a good buy!!!

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