Benefit’s Perfect 10!

It is so much fun whenever I shop at the Benefit cosmetic counter. The aesthetic of their product design is retro-chic, creative, and approachable. Most of all, I find their products solve many embarrassing make-up problems that haunt women of all ages. I am sure this brand is occupying every cosmetic-savvy gal’s vanity box.

“10” is a perfect set of two shimmery face powders, a highlighter and a bronzer. Sweep the pearl pink to highlight the cheek bone. The bronzer helps a sun-kissed and elegant look. Viola! It's that simple! What I love about this two-in-one is the shimmery powders won’t overwhelm my complexion. It simply gives a soft glow to the face after gently sweeping back and forth several times.

It's only for $26 each. (Benefit is now offering free US standard shipping with any purchase through June 30th.)

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