Guerlain Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection

Here is a look at Guerlain's holiday 2010 makeup collection, which is set to be released in November. All the items in this collection are limited-edition.

The collection includes:

Left: Ombre Eclat 4 Shades (1 new variation) Right: Le 2 De Guerlain Volume (1 new shade)

Left: Kiss Kiss Strass (2 new shades) Right: Rouge G Le Brillant ( 1 new shade)

Météorites Perles D’Or Illuminating Powder

Météorites Poudre D’Or Exceptional Pressed Powder

Left: Midnight Star Collect D'Or
Right: Or Impérial (iridescent gold shimmer powder for face and body)

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vonnie said...

wow, i like EVERYTHING in this collection! The shimmer powder, the lipsticks, everything looks amazing! I want some of that badly


oh! im interested to see the powder! ( :

Tracy said...

How cute is that bee on that packaging?! Not very Guerlain-ish, but still very chic.